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COVID STYLE Eagle Waters Resort Restaurant

Please bear with us as we plot our course through the changing dynamics of the summer of 2020.  Our course is not going to be a straight path and we will experience turbulence and frustration and moments of “why are they doing that”, “that doesn’t make sense”, “empty tables why can’t I get a served”, “why is it taking so long”…, we want you to know that the course we take is to keep our staff, guests, owners and property safe and sound.

We may try a course one week and adjust another week based on staffing, guest volume and modified business strategy.  We thank you for your patience and especially your kindness when you experience a bump in the road.  We guarantee there will be some hiccups.  Please know our intent is honorable as we strive to create the “WOW” our Mission Statement professes.


Fridays & Saturdays
Thursday June 24th
Bar opens at: 4:30 p.m.
Dinner from: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Reservations Required Call 715-479-4411

We are closed the following days
for private events:

Saturday, June 19th
Friday,  June 25th
Saturday, June 26th


Friday June 4 - Diamond Pepper
Friday June 11 - Diamond Pepper
Friday June 18 - Diamond Pepper
Thursday June 24 - Brett & Frisk

Things You Should Know...

Reservations Requested

To make a reservation call 715 479-4411. We will try to accommodate your requests, however, be advised to help with flow and social distancing we are limiting the number of people we serve per night, so make your reservations early.  Reservations can be made for inside or outside dining. Be aware, however, most nights the outside dining is limited to a simple menu primarily items we can serve in a basket.

Seating & Check In

We ask that no more than two people from your group come to the wait station to check-in.

Take-Out Orders

Place take-out orders by calling 715 479-4411 or have one person from your group come to the take-out/hostess station and place an order.  Take-out orders will not be available on Fridays and Saturdays between 6:30 and 8:30, unless they were pre-ordered for that time slot. A $1.25 surcharge will be added to each to-go item to cover the cost of to-go packaging.  The take-out menu may vary.

Patio Menu

The patio menu includes appetizers, sandwiches, fish fry (served daily), pizza and salads.  Basically, the menu items we can serve in a basket

Social Distancing & Masks

Many of you come from different places and have different experiences, views, and personal protection procedures relative to the COVID virus.  We ask, consequently, no matter what your views, we ask you treat each other with kindness and respect.  The views of Eagle Waters Management are posted on the doors. 

We ask that when waiting in line you maintain the socially acceptable distance displayed on the floor. We also ask that you do not congregate in the walkway near the bar, as our servers need to navigate thru to provide outside service.

Our staff is not required to wear face mask, nor do we require facemasks of our guests. However, if a staff member wants to wear a mask they may do so.  Personal choice is how we will proceed.


We fog the inside of the restaurant after each clean. The menus and tables are wiped with a bleach solution after each use, hand sanitation stations are available for servers and guests.

It is the mission of Eagle Waters to leave positive lasting impression on our guests. We are in the business of creating memories. A memorable dining experience, and extraordinary banquet experience, a unique special event… It is all about the experience.

The “WOW” is our aspiration.

Thank you for your patience, support & business.
Team Eagle

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