The following are some plated meal options as well as combination meal options.  You may select up to three entrees. All plated meals include soup or salad, rolls, coffee, dessert, and Chef appropriate accompaniments.  Tax and gratuity are not included — please add 25.5% (20% gratuity + 5.5% sales tax) to get final per person cost.


  • Orange Glazed Duck with choice of Potato                                                

½ duck served with savory orange glaze

  • Chicken Chardonnay with choice of Starch/Pasta                                  

Boneless chicken breast sautéed w/mushrooms in Chardonnay cream sauce

  • Chicken Marsala served over Pasta                                                                 

Boneless chicken breast covered with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce

  • Chicken Cordon Blue with choice of Potato                                                  

Boneless chicken breast stuffed w/swiss cheese & ham

  • Turkey Breast with Stuffing, Mashed Potato, and Vegetable                 

Savory oven-roasted turkey breast covered w/gravy served on a bed of stuffing w/ cranberry sauce

  • Cornish Game Hen with choice of Potato                                                        

Rock Cornish hen stuffed with wild rice or sage stuffing drizzled with a sauce (gravy, citrus, raspberry, and lemon-herb)

  • Stuffed Chicken Breast with choice of Potato                                               

Chicken breast stuffed with your choice of ingredients: wild rice, vegetables, stuffing, and/or cheese (.50 extra)

  • Chicken Breast with choice of Starch                                                                

Chicken breast prepared with your choice of seasoning: walnut w/raspberry sauce, lemon-herb, provenal, picata, tarragon cream, teriyaki, mushroom, cacciatore, greek … (nut encrusted add .75)

  • Chicken Parmesan served over Pasta                                                                

Chicken breast smothered with marinara sauce and cheese

  • Hazelnut Encrusted Chicken served with Wild Rice Confetti                

Chicken breast in a creamy mushroom Frangelica sauce

  • Chicken En Croute served with Vegetable                                                       

Puffed pastry stuffed with chicken breast topped with your choice of options

    • Option 1: Chicken breast topped with mushrooms, herb, cheese and rice mixture, served over wild mushroom sauce (mushrooms, brandy, and shallots)
    • Option 2: Chicken breast topped with asparagus, crab, and swiss cheese mixture served over a hollandaise sauce
    • Option 3: Chicken breast topped with diced apple, cranberries, and herb stuffing over thyme chicken gravy
    • Option 4: Chicken breast topped with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and herbs served over red pepper coulis


  • Poached Salmon Buerre Blanc                                                                               

North Atlantic salmon filet poached and covered with buerre blanc (a cream and wine sauce w/tomatoes, mushrooms, and a splash garlic)

  • Stuffed Salmon with Chardonnay Sauce & Rice Pilaf                                 

Poached salmon filet wrapped around a mound of crab & shrimp stuffing, covered with chardonnay wine sauce

  • Shrimp Scampi over Pasta                                                                                     

Large shrimp sautéed in garlic butter topped with bread crumbs and baked to perfection

  • Butterfly Fried Shrimp with choice of Potato                                                 

Seven large hand-dipped deep-fried shrimp

  • Seasonal Fish with choice of Starch (cost based on market)                 

Mahi-mahi, grouper, tuna, walleye served w/ the seasoning of your choice: blackened, chutney, hollandaise, ginger, lemon herb, adobo….



  • Beef Wellington with choice of Potato       

    Six oz.  Filet topped with mushrooms & garlic baked in a pastry dough and then covered with a burgundy wine sauce
  • Filet Mignon with Madeira Sauce and choice of Potato                          

Eight oz. grilled filet served with a tasty madeira wine sauce

  • London Broil with choice of Potato                                                                   

Beef sliced thinly and served with a savory burgundy mushroom sauce

  • Swiss Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy                                              

Swiss steak served with mushroom & onions in a gravy sauce

  • Prime Rib with Horse Radish Sauce and choice of Potato                      

Slow roasted ten oz. prime rib seasoned with garlic and spices

  • Beef Stroganoff over Fettuccini                                                                           

Tenderloin tips sautéed in a mushroom sauce, served over pasta

(Beef subject to change based on market fluctuations.)



  • Pork Prime Rib with Stuffing, Sweet Sour Cabbage & Potato                    

Slow roasted prime rib of pork lightly seasoned with black forest rub

  • Stuffed Pork Chop with choice of Potato                                                          

Ten oz. pork chop stuffed with asparagus & mushrooms

  • Baked Ham with choice of Potato                                                                        

Honey cured ham with applesauce


  • Lasagna with Garlic Cheese Toast                                                                    

Meat & cheese or vegetable – layered noodles covered with marinara sauce

  • Pasta Primavera with Garlic Cheese Toast                                                     

Fresh vegetables sautéed and served with choice of sauce: alfredo, marinara, vodka, aglio olio, chardonnay…

  • Giant Ravioli with Garlic Cheese Toast                                                           

Six Giant ravioli stuffed with meat or cheese served with sauce of choice: alfredo, marinara, vodka, aglio olio, chardonnay…


Combination Plates 

  • Ribs & Broasted Chicken with choice of Potato                                            

1/3 slab of ribs with broasted chicken

  • Petite Filet and Battered Shrimp with choice of Starch                           

  Six oz. filet and four hand-dipped batter-fried shrimp

  • Chicken and Shrimp with choice of Starch                                                     

Chicken breast (preparation of your choice) and four hand-dipped batter-fried shrimp

  • Beef and Chicken Wellington with choice of Potato                                    

Beef topped with mushrooms & garlic encrusted in a pastry; chicken topped with mushrooms, ham & cheese encrusted in a pastry both drizzled with a burgundy sauce

  • ½ Cornish Hen or Stuffed Chicken Breast & Medallions of Herb & Cheese Stuffed Beef

    Beef stuffed, rolled, pan fried and baked, then cut into medallions paired with ½ Cornish hen on a bed or herb stuffing both drizzled with a wine sauce


  • Children Entrees Available                                                                                    

Chicken tenders, corn dogs, and spaghetti (choose one)


Although we have listed a number of different meal options, we are more than willing to customize a menu for your event. Please do not hesitate to ask for alternate choices.


Eagle Waters: Basic Family Style Menu Options

How It Works

There are three basic plans available. All three plans include soup or salad, vegetable, starch, rolls, butter and coffee. The meal can be served either family style or buffet style (see buffet options). Minimum of 25 people. Selections made from alternative menus may be subject to additional costs based on ingredients and labor intensity. (Alternate menu includes Pastas of Italy, Oriental Express, Mexican Fiesta, Midwestern Roundup, Greek Isle, and Around the Globe.)


Plan One

Choice of one entrée, one starch, and one vegetable.


Plan Two

Choice of two entrée’s and three choices from starches and/or vegetables.


Plan Three

Choice of three entrée’s and three choices from starch and/or vegetables.



Roast Beef (with au jus or gravy)                                                 Broasted Chicken

Roast Pork                                                                                        Polish Sausage

Roast Chicken                                                                                  Italian Sausage

Lemon Herb Chicken                                                                      German Sausage Plate

Fish Turbons                                                                                     Swiss Steak (with mushrooms & onions)

Roast Turkey                                                                                    London Broil

Chicken Breast                                                                                 Baked Ham


Baked Potato                                                                                    Parsley Boiled Potatoes

Rice Pilaf                                                                                           Mostacolli (with sausage $1.50 extra)

Pasta                                                                                                 Pasta (with fresh vegetables $1.00 extra)

Twice Baked Potato ($.75 extra)                                                 Risotto

Mashed Potatoes                                                                            Mashed (with garlic)

Mashed (with vegetables)                                                             Stuffing

Sweet Potatoes                                                                                New Red Potatoes


Candied Carrots                                                                              Broiled Tomatoes

Corn                                                                                                  Cauliflower

Corn on the Cob                                                                              Broccoli

Green Beans (with nuts & onions)                                              Sweet Sour Cabbage/Sauerkraut

California Medley ($.25 up charge)                                            Baked Beans

Fried Spinach                                                                                  Asparagus ($.25 up charge)

Eagle Waters: Buffet Dinner Menu Options


How It Works         

Our dinner buffets are a unique alternative to a formal plated meal. We serve soup or salad, dessert and coffee tableside, while the main course is served buffet style. Your guests make their own individual selections. Buffet menu options include special-theme menus; family style menus or you may mix and match items to your liking. There are three basic plans available. All three plans include soup or salad, vegetable, rolls, butter, and coffee. Minimum 25 people.



Plan One

Choice of two entrée’s, two starches, two vegetables,

 one soup or salad, and one dessert.

Plan Two

Choice of three entrée’s, two starches, two vegetables,

one soup or salad, and one dessert.

Plan Three

Choice of four entrée’s, two starches, two vegetables,

 one soup or salad, and one dessert.

Pastas of Italy    Oriental Express    Mexican Fiesta

Midwestern Roundup    Greek Isle    Around the Globe

NOTE: We can also customize a buffet to your liking.


Pastas of Italy



Sausage & Peppers


Vegetable Lasagna

Tortellini with Vodka Sauce

Chicken Chardonnay with Mushrooms

Penne Pasta Primavera with Aglio Olio

Chicken Alfredo with Fettuccini

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Mussels with Garlic & Bread Crumbs

Sicilian Stuffed Pork


Fried Calamari


Caesar Salad

Lettuce Salad with choice of Dressing

Soup De Jour


Chocolate Mousse

Ice Cream

Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream

Tiramisu (extra charge)

Also Included

Garlic Bread

Vegetable De Jour


NOTE: The Chef is also available to toss pasta on a made-to-order basis.

Oriental Express



Beef & broccoli

Crab Rangoon

Szechwan Chicken

Chicken, Beef or Pork Lo Mein

Egg Foo Young

Vegetable Stir Fry

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour Pork

Teriyaki Beef

Chicken Satay

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

Thai Fried Noodles

Fish Cakes with Cucumber Sauce

Spiced Beef Satay



Sweet & Sour Soup

Wonton Soup

Soup De Jour

Lettuce Salad

Egg Rolls



Ice Cream


Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream

Fortune Cookies


Also Included

Fried Rice


Mexican Fiesta


Chicken Enchilada


Beef Enchilada

Mexican Lasagna

Beef Fajita

Chicken Fajita

Combinations Fajita




Mini Chimichangas


Burrito Pie

Pollo Verde Casserole


Nacho Cheese Macaroni

Mexican Pizza


Lettuce Salad

Black Bean Soup


Soup De Jour


Spanish Rice

Refried Beans

Baked Beans

Three Bean Salad




Ice Cream


Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream

Also Included

Tortilla Chips & Salsa


Midwestern Roundup



Broasted Chicken

BBQ Riblets

Meat Loaf


Hot Dogs

BBQ Beef

BBQ Pork

Corn Dogs

Italian Beef


Corn on the Cob

Baked Beans

Green Beans

California Melody


Baked Potato

French Fries

Potato Wedges

Mac & Cheese

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Onion Rings

Fried Potato Chips


Caesar Salad

Lettuce Salad with choice of Dressing

Soup De Jour

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad



Chocolate Mousse

Ice Cream

Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream


Also Included

Rolls & Butter


Greek Isle


Greek Chicken


Spinach Pie



Saganaki Cheese Squares

Beef or Chicken Kabobs

Pork Roast



Greek Salad

Lettuce Salad

Soup De Jour

Tomato Salad



Chocolate Mousse

Ice Cream


Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream

Also Included

Rolls & Butter


Eagle Waters: Hors D’oeuvres Menu

 How It Works

 You may serve appetizers in one of two ways – per person or per piece. Tax and gratuity is additional. Minimum 50 people. Fifty guests if you are not having a meal.



Plan One

Choice of six appetizers plus chips and dips.

 Appetizers are unlimited for the duration of your reception.

 (Plan one option – good only with dinner).


Plan Two

Choice of eight appetizers plus chips and dips.

Appetizers are unlimited for the duration of your reception.

(Plan two option – good only with dinner).


Plan Three

Choice of appetizers – per 50 pieces.


Plan Four — Hors D’oeuvres Party without dinner

Choice of ten appetizers plus chips and dips.

Appetizers are unlimited for the duration of your reception.



If there is an appetizer you would like served, but do not see it listed,

do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to accommodate your tastes.

Children ten and under are half-price with a dinner reception.

Cold Hors D’oeuvres

Salami Hats with Cream Cheese                                               Vegetable Squares

Salmon (extra charge)                                                                Hummus with Pita Wedges

Bruschetta                                                                                    Cheese and/or Sausage Tray

Layered Cheese Plate                                                                 Crab & Swiss Canapés

Fruit Bowl                                                                                     Vegetables & Dip

Spinach Dip                                                                                   BLT Dip

Shrimp (extra charge)                                                                 Crab Claws (extra charge)

Shrimp Ball Dip with Cocktail Sauce                                          Pickle Rollups

Salmon Pate                                                                                  Cheese-ball or Spread

Taco Dip                                                                                         Tortilla Rollups

Herring                                                                                           Deviled Eggs

Sushi                                                                                                Oysters (extra charge)

Prosciutto Wrapped Fruit                                                            Nuts & Candies

Assorted Cookie Tray

Hot Hors D’oeuvres

Wings                                                                                                Chicken & Broccoli Bread

Pizza Squares                                                                                   Fried Mushrooms

Mini Quiche                                                                                      Sweet Potato Fries

Quesadilla or Mushroom & Goat Cheese                                     Mussels

Onion Rings                                                                                      Meatballs – choice of sauce

Pepperoni Bread                                                                              Sausage/Cheese on Rye Toast

Chicken Kiev                                                                                     Beef Teriyaki

Chicken Satay                                                                                   Egg Rolls

Smoky Links in Sauce                                                                     Smoky Links in a Blanket

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts                                                 Fish Cakes

Cocktail Rubens                                                                                Artichoke Dip

Calamari                                                                                             Fried Cheese Mix

Mini Ravioli                                                                                        Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Vegetable Tempura                                                                         Nachos

Chicken Nuggets                                                                              Grilled Vegetables

Riblets                                                                                                Crab Rangoon

Taco Tartlets                                                                                    Spanakopita

Assorted Fried Vegetables                                                             Potato Skins

Mini Castle Burgers                                                                         Tomato bread Rounds

Hot Canapés


There are a number of different ways you can design your beverage package. You can select from the options below or mix and match the options. Custom bar packages can also be created to meet your specific needs. If you have any special requests or questions do not hesitate to inquire. Bar packages do not include tax and gratuity – please add 23.5%.


Plan One

Complimentary beer package with a cash bar. Price is per half-barrel of domestic beer (imports based on market costs) (Estimate 160 glasses per ½ barrel), (1/4 barrel ) (When clients offer complimentary wine, we use wine station format).


Plan Two

Complimentary (4 hour) wine and soda package with a cash bar. House wines (Salmon Creek Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, White Zinfandel) 750ml bottle. Soda, Punch, Lemonade, or Ice Tea.


Plan Three (Minimum of 100 Guests)

Complimentary rail-brand bar package with domestic beer, house wine, and soda.


Plan Four (Minimum of 100 Guests)

Complimentary call-brand bar package with domestic beer, house wine, and soda.


Plan Five (Minimum of 100 guests)

Complimentary premium-brand bar package with domestic and imported beer, house wine and soda. (No ice cream drinks).


Plan Six

Ticket/Tab System – – – a selected group of guests receive bar tickets and/or we run a bar tab based on the cost of the drinks purchased. Gratuity is added to final total.


Plan Seven

Cash bar – Guests buy drinks at the house prices.


House Champagne is additional charge.


(Bottles brought into the restaurant/banquet facility will be charged a corking fee.)