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Planning for that Special Day

Wedding Coordinator

Our Wedding Coordinator will be happy to assist you with creating your special day and making it as stress-free as possible. Our Coordinator will be available to answer questions and help you from the moment you first inquire about weddings at the resort through your wedding and even after you check-out after your wedding. We are here to offer our personalized service while handling all of the details in order to make your wedding day enjoyable and memorable.

Reserving the Date

The venue at Eagle Waters Resort operates on a first-come, first served basis and weddings take precedence over other events. We offer weddings every day of the week, with Saturday’s being the most popular day. Pricing will vary based on the day of the week. It is important for you to reserve your date as soon as possible in order to avoid losing that date to another event. The actual wedding date is reserved by receipt of a non-refundable deposit in addition the following:

  • Wedding Service Agreement: completed, signed and returned.
  • Wedding Policies & Guidelines Agreement: completed, signed and returned.
  • Package Selection and Wedding Enhancements Worksheet: completed, signed and returned.
Planning Session

A great wedding does not simply happen. It is planned. We encourage you to set-up a planning session with our Wedding Coordinator at least six months prior to your event. It is possible do much of the planning via telephone or email, however we greatly stress the importance of a face to face planning session.

Access on your Wedding Day

You and/or your vendors may have access to the venue at noon on the day of your event. You may be able to drop off items for your wedding the night before the event to allow time for you to go over final preparations with our Wedding Coordinator for the next day’s set-up. These arrangements need to be made in advance. Please do not arrive at the venue without prior arrangements to deliver or set-up for the wedding, as we have staff working to prepare the venue for your big day.

Eagle Waters Resort limits access to our guests lodging room in order to respect the guest’s privacy. Brides and Grooms wishing to provide welcome gifts must inform the Wedding Coordinator prior to the event.

All welcome gifts must be dropped off with each gift marked with your guests names to the Trading Post one-day prior to guest arrivals. Eagle Waters Resort staff will either place the gifts in the room or hand them out at check-in (See Wedding Enhancements).


Our Wedding Coordinator will assist you with your centerpieces if you choose Eagle Waters Resort to design/create your tables. (See Wedding Enhancements). You may use a floral vendor, decorator or wedding planner to provide this service and set-up, but they must perform set-up during the time allowed and must be finished 30 minutes prior to the start of your event.

No additional candles are permitted without prior approval by Eagle Waters management and/or your Wedding Coordinator.

Tacks, nails, staples, screws, pins, stickers or any other material that could permanently mar, deface or otherwise damage walls, ceilings, railings, floors, tables, furniture or any other surface are not permitted. No bubbles, silly string, confetti or sparklers will be allowed. Please speak to your Wedding Coordinator if you are using glitter in your decorations. No loose glitter will be allowed.

All decorations must be taken down and packed away immediately following your event. We may be able to store your packed decorations overnight. Please consult your Wedding Coordinator for a place to store your decorations should you choose to pick them up the next morning.

Alcoholic Beverages

Wisconsin State Law requires all persons consuming alcoholic beverages on Eagle Waters Resort property to be of legal age. Guests consuming alcoholic beverages must be able to provide a state-issued picture I.D. upon request. Wisconsin State Law also prohibits guests from bringing alcoholic beverages into the restaurant or the event area. Sales and services of alcoholic beverages are regulated by the State of Wisconsin and Eagle Waters Resort complies with all regulations and requirements of state, county and local governmental agencies. Only Eagle Waters Resort bartenders are allowed to handle alcohol.

Tobacco Use

State of Wisconsin Law prohibits tobacco use inside any public buildings including the restaurant, bar and all of our lodging units. Eagle Waters Resort prohibits smoking in all units including cabins and on all balconies and patios, any walkway or entry way into our buildings. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in the proper receptacle. Please help us in keeping the Northwoods beautiful.

Celebrating the Bride & Groom

The traditional “tossing” (rice) at the bride and groom is limited and all items used must be approved by your Wedding Coordinator. In consideration of other guests and local wildlife we do not allow rice, birdseed, bubbles, silly string, firecrackers or glitter.

Please be respectful of other guests staying at the resort. Any loud or disruptive celebrations in the lodging units and/or cabins are discouraged and after 10 p.m. are strictly prohibited. Eagle Waters Resort quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. – 9:00 a.m. Please be considerate of other guests at the resort.

Food & Beverage Services

Eagle Waters Resort is responsible for the quality of all food and beverages served to our guests. Due to Health Department regulations outside food and beverages are not allowed without our prior approval.

Menu Selections and Guest Count

Menu selections confirmation is required at least four weeks prior to the scheduled event date. A final guest count is required two weeks, (fourteen days) prior to the scheduled event date. Eagle Waters Resort provides all the food and beverages for all events held at the resort. No outside catering, beverage and/or alcohol will be allowed. Menu changes must be received at least seven days prior to the event. Client will pay for any increased cost associated with a change in menu selection.

The final guest count will be considered a guarantee and the client agrees to pay the per person menu charge agreed upon in the menu section of the contract for the number of people in the final guaranteed guest count. There are no refunds or adjustments for a change in guest numbers or no-shows after the final guest count is submitted. Eagle Waters Resort does not allow carry-outs for no-show guests. Failure to provide a guest count at least two weeks prior to the event will result in Eagle Waters providing food and/or beverage for the number of guests stipulated in the menu section of the contract. It is the client’s responsibility to relay all guest numbers to our Wedding Coordinator.

Menu choices do not include desserts in the price of the entrée. Wedding cakes may be contracted out to Eagle Waters Resort or a vendor of your choice.

Menu and food prices are subject to change at any time thirty (30) days prior to the event due to economic conditions. Client agrees to pay all increased costs as a result. Menu and food prices will be “locked-in” if the event is paid in full and it is with-in thirty (30) days of the event.


If you wish to have a tasting and sample different dishes this will be available to you at an additional fee. Please contact your wedding coordinator to arrange a day and time for a tasting.


Eagle Waters Resort allows outside vendors to provide services for you event. Please provide names and telephone numbers of all your vendors to our Wedding Coordinator. This includes floral, cake, photographers, music and any other vendor for your event. We will need timelines from your vendors. Our Coordinator will be happy to assist you by providing a list of local vendors who provide services in our area.

Cake vendors must be licensed and provide us with a business insurance binder holding Eagle Waters Resort harmless if any issues should arise. Eagle Waters Resort staff will cut, plate, serve and wrap your wedding cake as part of all our wedding packages. Ask our Wedding Coordinator about adding on ice-cream to your cake service.

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $1500 is due at time of booking your event. The deposit is non-refundable. The entire event amount due Eagle Waters Resort shall be paid to Eagle Waters Resort at least 48 hours prior to the event. Payment shall be in the form of a check, cashier’s check or cash. We DO NOT accept credit cards as a form of payment for weddings or events.

Your TOTAL bill will be subjected to a 20% service charge in addition to all applicable state and local taxes. Wisconsin state law requires we tax the service charge. Your total bill includes facility, food, beverages and any wedding enhancements added.

Once a payment is made, it is non-refundable unless the client meets criteria as outlined under Cancellation of the Event and Eagle Waters Resort is able to re-book that date we will refund fifty (50) percent of the event fees.


The client agrees to hold harmless Eagle Waters Resort, Evergreen Management, EW, LLC, Koranda Recreation, Inc. and any other entity associated with Eagle Waters Resort including all its employees of any and all damage, liability or injury suffered by you, your family, your guests or your vendors while on Eagle Waters Resort property. The client agrees to pay for all damages to any property of Eagle Waters Resort, Evergreen Management, EW, LLC, Koranda Recreation, Inc. and/or to any property located at Eagle Waters Resort and owned by a third party. This includes all damages, injury to an employee, and loss of revenue caused by the client, your family, your guests or your vendors. In addition to damages the client agrees to pay any and all medical bills and lost wages if injury occurs. The client assumes all reasonable attorney fees and court costs that arise from any incident caused by you, your family, your friends, your vendors and/or your guests.

Eagle Waters Resort shall not be liable to the client for loss of profit, actual or consequential damages occasioned by its inability to perform any of its obligations under this agreement due to fire, war, weather incidents, strikes, civil disturbances, acts of God, unavoidable casualties, public carrier delays, transportation issues, inability to obtain necessary supplies or acts of public authorities.

Eagle Waters Resort reserves the right to end the event prior to the agreed end time if the client, your family, your guests or your vendors exhibit inappropriate behavior, criminal activity or damages to Eagle Waters Resort, any entity associated with the resort or its employees. There will be no refunds if Eagle Waters Resort ends your event prior to the agreed end time due to behavioral issues or criminal activity. Only Eagle Waters Resort will determine if such behavior warrants a premature end of your event.

Cancellation of Event

The agreement may be cancelled by the client by written notice delivered by hand with a hand-written acknowledgement it was received or by certified mail with return receipt requested at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the date of the event. If written notice of cancellation is received by Eagle Waters Resort prior to said date, the deposit will be forfeited. If written notice of cancellation occurs after the required 60 (sixty) days’ notice the client agrees that they will be liable for a cancellation fee and compensatory damages in the amount equal to the reasonably projected revenue of said function. If Eagle Waters Resort is able to re-book that date we will refund fifty (50) percent of the event fees. If Eagle Waters Resort cannot re-book that date the client is liable for all fees and projected loss of revenue. Said revenue projection to be determined by Eagle Waters Resort and will be based on functions of similar size, loss of lodging guests, loss of revenue and food and beverage selection and service provided. The deposit fee will be applied to the cancellation fee.

Breech of Agreement

In the event of a breech by the client of this agreement the client acknowledges it is considered Bad Faith. The client agrees to pay all costs and expenses, including actual attorneys’ fees, loss of revenue, loss of wages and monetary damages incurred by Eagle Waters Resort to enforce this agreement against the client.